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Like most preppers, we first came across the concept of Prepping and Survival after growing more concerned about the way the world is today.

Don’t get us wrong it’s not all doom and gloom out there and nor do we want it to be. But we could not help but notice the world is changing.

You only have to watch the news to witness both natural and man-made disasters occurring. Extreme weather events are reportedly increasing around the world. Whether this is down to global warming or simply mother natures natural cycle for our planet.

It can’t hurt to prepare yourself, right?

Then there’s the current ever-changing Worldwide Political and Economic Environment. For example, Venezuela, Catalonia, Brexit, The French Yellow vests movement / Yellowjackets movement. All of which has civil unrest implications in varying degrees.

Add to this the recent increase in terrorism we felt it couldn’t hurt to be more prepared. So we joined the ever-growing Prepper community and have been busy testing and researching all things prepping ever since.

Due to the nature of our own environment, we started out by focusing mainly on urban prepping and survival.

This evolved into our goal to share the knowledge with others that we have gained to date and will continue to gain in the future.

We are also very mindful of the fact that its impossible to know everything there is to know about prepping and survival. So we are also grateful to the prepping community for sharing their experiences with us in the form of guest articles.

Quality articles from like-minded preppers are always welcome. As we feel they help to fill the knowledge gap and make our site as wide-ranging as possible.

Thanks for taking an interest in Prepper Bits, If you would like to get in touch with us you can do so via our Contact form

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