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When thinking about stockpiling emergency supplies in case of a disaster. You need to take into account several factors in order to decide what should be on your survival shopping list.

By looking at recent events across the globe or even the ones in the US (remember Katrina). It’s easy to notice which items people would have given all their money and possessions for in exchange for hydrating and feeding themselves and their children.

When deciding on the supplies we plan to stockpile we also need to make a small distinction. Some of these items will be crucial immediately after a disaster. Whilst others will be more important over the long-term.

It’s up to you how you prioritize acquiring them, what matters is that you start getting them as soon as possible and, if you have the room, to get extra items for bartering purposes.

Below is a list of 8 things that you should consider adding to your emergency supplies if you haven’t already.

8 Things That Are Worth More Than Anything In A Disaster

#1. Water

water well


You can live up to 3 days without water, but your body will start to fail before that. Dehydration needs to be taken very seriously. You may say to yourself:

Well, I don’t really drink that much water, I can last more than that.

Heres two reasons that may get you to reconsider:

#1. The foods and beverages you consume all have certain amounts of water.

#2. You’re not in a survival situation right now. Your body doesn’t need that much water to produce energy for you to read this article, check your e-mail and even to do your job.

But when disaster strikes, and you’re stressed out because your kids are not answering their phone and you don’t know whether they’re safe, you will dehydrate quicker.

If you don’t have at least a few gallons of water for emergency situations, I strongly encourage you to get them after you finish reading this. And if you don’t want to spend the extra money, you can at least store tap water in plastic bottles, which you should rotate regularly. Then just keep adding to your stockpile.

Also, keep in mind you might need more water for things like cleaning a wound, cooking, washing your clothes, taking a shower or even spare some to your friends and neighbors. The more the better.

#2. Self-Defense Weapons

folding knife

Security isn’t just about home invasions and bugging in scenarios. It’s also for when you’ve run out of food and water and need to risk your life to get some. Now, I don’t know if you’re allowed to carry some of these where you live, but one thing you should do is check the laws and regulations in your region before you get anything.

Consider These:

handguns, rifles, shotguns, survival knives, machetes, slingshots, bows and arrows, pepper spray, wasp spray, baseball bats, folding knives, tactical pens, stun guns and more. Everyone should have at least one self-defense item when they leave the house.

#3. Comfort Foods and Drinks

As you’re looking out the window or on T.V. and see the magnitude of the disaster, you’ll need a morale booster to stop yourself from swearing or crying. Even if you consider yourself mentally tough, you still need ways to make everything more bearable and appear stronger in front of the family.

Consider stockpiling whiskey, vodka, coffee beans, sugar, honey, hard candy and peanut butter. Depending on how you store them, you can squeeze out years of shelf life. Besides, you’ll probably begin to consume them after a while, a good excuse to hoard more. Just watch the weight, you need to be in shape if you’re going to survive.

#4. Food

survival food

I’m not going to talk too much about food, it’s a vast subject and has been debated to death in articles, books, and ebooks. In short, focus on storing long-shelf-life foods in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, which you should place in cool, dry, dark places in 5-gallon plastic buckets.

Start with beans, rice, whole grains and canned food but feel free to add some variety (honey, peanut butter, powdered milk, jams, jellies etc.

#5. Means to Light Your Way


Flashlights, lanterns, candles, matches – if the power grid goes down for weeks or even months, you’ll need something to light your way after dark. You’ll also need to see any burglars that may try to break their way into your home, barn or survival garden.

There’s no shortage of flashlights on the market today. Quite the opposite, the flashlights market has exploded and today you’ve got so many choices, it’s hard to ignore them. One choice I highly recommend is hand-crank flashlights, which work without any batteries whatsoever. Perfect for us preppers.

#6. Toilet Paper

toilet paper

Wiping one’s behind is going to be a serious issue post-collapse. You could use newspaper provided that you buy them, but toilet paper just works. Make sure you have some toilet paper in your bug out bag and in your car, you never know when you might need it for emergencies.

Toilet Paper Storage Tip:

If your short on storage space keep it in your attic because that’s one place inside your home where you cannot keep food, water or medicine (due to high temperatures and temperature variations).

#7. Fuel

fuel can

You’ll need fuel for your car, you’ll need fuel for your propane stove. I’m also including wood here in case you’re using a wood-burning stove, but keep in mind where you get it from. Collecting dead branches on private property may get you in trouble. One thing I strongly advise you is to always store fuel in proper containers and never inside your home. There are safety precautions as well as federal and state laws depending on which type of fuel you’re thinking of hoarding.

#8. Your Loved Ones


You may not always get on with one another, maybe you’re not even speaking to them but when the SHTF. You’ll have to overcome this and work together to stay safe. Maybe you can survive alone, but it’ll be much easier with people you love and trust.

If you can’t get them to join you in your prepping endeavors, at least get them to think about self-defense. People are attacked and raped every single day, it doesn’t take a disaster to trigger the worst behavior in our fellow humans.


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