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The article below was kindly submitted by Paul Archer who talks about how he feels using drones in a survival situation is something preppers should consider.

Survival Drones

5 Ways Drones Could Be Useful In A Survival Scenario

When it comes to surviving in any scenario, be it post-apocalyptic or simply in the woods. The last thing you might think to bring along with you is fancy technology.

In this article, I’m going to give some reasons why I think portable long-range drones might be helpful in saving your life in more than one way.

Long-range drones that record absolutely stunning pictures are becoming more affordable. For example, if you’re low on your budget you could get yourself a drone that’s under $500.

In daily life, drones are great fun and allow you to shoot amazing footage of your trips and adventures. But they can also be useful in a Survival situation.

below are the 5 ways I believe that drones could help preppers in a survival situation:

#1 Getting An Idea Of Where You Are In The World

It’s obvious that a drone in this kind of scenario a drone would be mainly used for learning more about where you are. Allowing you to check out your surroundings and plan your actions accordingly.  For example, to plan the best route of escape.

Considering drones can be found nowadays for a few hundred bucks. These drones often have a good range that can go a few miles away. This makes drones an increasingly more affordable and practical bit of kit to own.

#2 Finding A Source Of Water

Depending on the situation, finding water is one of the most important things you will need to do first. If this is the case using a drone to scout ahead could save a lot of time. letting you know that you’re at least heading straight for the river before you set off wasting valuable energy and what could be limited resources.

Drone Tip: GPS drones will also come with a GPS map that will show the roads and main water sources around.

#3 Scaring Wild Animals


If there’s an area you want to travel through and you’re afraid of being confronted by Wild Animals. For example bears or who knows what. Sending the drone in first allows you to scout the area and might help with scaring off whatever is there waiting for you.

#4 Starting A Fire

Considering drones come with LiPo batteries (lithium polymer). In an emergency situation, they can be used to make fire by simply hitting them.

Of course, it can also be used to search for smoke or fire made by others. For example, if an emergency caused you to become separated from other members of your group.

#5 Sending Messages and Supplies

If you’re two groups that want to communicate or exchange light supplies and for some reason, you don’t have a phone or any other way to reach echoer easily. Sticking a message to a drone might be a way to do it.

Drones that are also pretty portable aren’t usually very strong, so you won’t be able to send things like food. But it would be helpful to send lightweight things like a source for fire, a knife, compass, etc.


Survival Drones – Final Thoughts

Those were just five ideas on how drones could be put to use in a survival scenario. I’m, sure there are many other creative ways to use drones in an emergency.

Maybe you already use drones or have used them in an emergency and can share your thoughts in the comments section below.

More Drone Tips:

Bear in mind everything has its limitations and depending on the drone you have at your disposal It could be hard to maintain it if there’s a lot of rain or water.

Modern drones are available that can simply fit into your pocket or backpack.

Aim to carry spare batteries for your drone.


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