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This article was kindly written for Prepper Bits readers by James Walton who is the author of Come Unity; Community and the host of the I AM Liberty Show. In his article, James talks about the 300 Blackout Rifle vs Pistol.

300 Blackout Rifle vs Pistol

You know who loves a powerful short barreled rifle? Everyone, that’s who. Absolutely everyone. Now guess who loves filling out cumbersome paperwork with the ATF and slapping down a $200 or so stamp tax so that you can own a short barreled rifle? No one, that’s who. Absolutely no one.

I’ll tell you if the government didn’t make the simple joys of life so hard this might not even be a debate that was necessary. The ATF considers any rifle with a barrel shorter 16” to be a short barreled rifle. However, if you shorten the barrel and remove the stock in place of a simple buffer tube then you have a weapon that fires the same round but now we call it a pistol.

Great, now thanks to the nuances of definition we have to have an entirely new gun debate as if there were not enough already.

The Beauty of the 300 Blackout

300 blackout rifle

The 300 Blackout derives most of its following from the fact that it can fire a powerful round from a shortened barrel with either subsonic or supersonic ammunition. However, thanks to those ATF requirements 16 inches is about as short as the barrel can get while still considering it a standard rifle.

At 16 inches, the Blackout does offer a still shorter than normal platform while still maintaining the reach out and touch someone at 300 yards. That is with supersonic ammunition. Try taking on a big critter at 300 yards with silenced subsonic ammunition and you’ll like just have a less than friendly encounter with a really pissed off bear.

So if you are looking to maintain the ability to shoot accurately at long distances then you need to choose the 300 Blackout rifle hands down. It is designed to work with your standard AR lower so you can even swap it out with a standard AR upper should you need to tackle longer distances.

Extending the length of a 300 Blackout upper beyond 16 inches can start to give you diminishing returns on velocity and impact. We’d recommend if you are looking for a jack of all trades 300 Blackout to stick with your go-to rifle upper.

The 300 Pistol Has Its Purpose

300 blackout pistol

Now let’s say you have the need for an even shorter barrel as you are looking around corners and operate in the smallest of confined spaces like a small house. Or, if you just want a powerful pistol that looks like it is something Han Solo would carry. Either way, the pistol 300 Blackout has you covered.

It is not recommended that you go with a barrel any short than 7” or 7 ½” or you’ll then you’ll forgo the Han Solo and have the accuracy and control of a Stormtrooper with a blaster. Most would agree that 10 ½” is the optimal length for a pistol 300 Blackout.

Minus the stability of the shoulder stock, you now have the equivalent of the short barreled rifle without the filing fee and ATF paperwork. Now you have a great option for self-defense that can cycle through supersonic and subsonic rounds at will with the simple change of a magazine. Truthfully, it’s hard to say that a rifle or pistol upper is better without knowing the mission.

A gun is but a tool and for every job, under the sun there exists its proper tool. As for me and my household, we will go 300 Blackout Rifle. I like the idea of being small as it can be while still being long enough to gift bad news to the bad guys from a few hundred yards away.


300 Blackout Rifle vs Pistol – Guest Post Thanks

James is the author of Come Unity; Community and the host of the I AM Liberty Show. He is also a freelance writer writing for survival and outdoor publications and blogs. 

A big thanks to James for writing this article on the 300 Blackout Rifle vs Pistol for Prepper Bits readers.

Recently James wrote a guest article for us entitled How Tech Is Expanding The Prepper World which is also well worth a read.

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