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101 Paracord Uses For Survival & More

Parachute cord or Paracord as we know it today was originally developed for use by the military in the suspension lines of parachutes. Made of a lightweight nylon Kernmantle Rope nowadays this versatile cord is not just used by the military. In fact, there are many paracord uses that can help preppers, survivalists, and civilians with a multitude of tasks.

Paracord is made up of an all nylon construction which includes a high number of interwoven strands which gives it its strength and flexibility. This lightweight and portable cord has many useful applications beyond what it was originally developed for. Such as paracord survival bracelets, knife or other lanyards, first aid uses and shelter building to name a few.

Below is an infographic providing 101 ideas on how paracord can be used in both survival and everyday situations. Covering paracord uses for surviving in the wild, medical emergencies and other Paracord uses.

Paracord Uses

101 Uses for PARACORD Infographic Credits & Conclusion

A big thanks to Mike from Mikes Gear Reviews who created the 101 Uses for PARACORD Infographic above. And for him kindly allowing us to publish it on Prepper Bits for the benefit of our readers.

Paracord definitely makes a great low cost and versatile addition to your survival kits and supplies. As you can see from above it has many uses and can no doubt be a great asset in both survival and everyday situations.

If you’ve found a great survival use for paracord that’s not been covered above. Let us know in the comments section below.

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